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Leave kids to enjoy their childhood


  03:54:56 pm by Rohz, Categories: Twin Thoughts

This weekend was quiet hectic for me & the family, I had to prepare for my Fourth Semester exams as well as shunting between Ashu’s school and home. He was preparing for his School’s annual Sports day ( which he would be blogging about today since our broadband at home is having some problems in connectivity) , Don was busy lighting Thiruvannamalai.

Me and Ashu had a great time at school watching the kids perform Gymnastics,Yoga,a groups of students even danced to a Salsa number .It was great to watch and the Dean of the school Mrs. YGP encouraging every student and also the teachers were individually appreciated. The institution imbibes extra curricular activities in their curriculum as apart of education whereby children enjoy their childhood other than just being a bookworm .

I as a parent would like to ponder a few things , I donot wish to raise just another intelligent child but I would want him to enjoy his childhood which is a every important part of growing up ; here I’ve got to mention my visit to my Dad’s place this weekend where I bumped into my Dad's nephew who lives away from our country ; While I was chilling out ashu picked up a Ben10 shoot ( u release the trigger and it flies like a Frisbee) immediately my cousin , a protective father of his 4&1/2 yrs son said he doesnot wish his son to know anything about Guns or voilence which was agreeable then started of with his son being a regular surfer on google (which kid doesn't these days? Ashu was the youngest blogger in the country),something about knowing 180 countries etc :lalala:. Kids these days are very curious and explorative ofcourse with the help of Technology and communication . As part of parenting he only teaches him stuff where he uses only his head and that in his country the word or even the action of a gun is a taboo but the part which triggered my Ego was when he said that his place has civilized people and that no civilized individual will want violence and gory stuff and this was the reason he did not wish to stay in a country like India . I get pissed when people bad mouth about our country. Indians have launched Chandrayan ,we are head of Technology , we have tested our missile, we had a rocket scientist as our President , we have 1652 languages in a country whose total area is 32,87,590 sq km, our per capita income is Rs.33,131/- but a few people still put us in all possible ways.

Coming to raising childrens , I would like to know one thing if every single parent thinks that their children should improve their intelligence only; then where would the world get the likes of David Bechkam, Vishwanthan Anand, Sania Mirza, Leander Peas,Martina Navaratilova, William sister , Steffi Graf, Chris Evert, Mohammed Ali ,Joshna Chinappa ,Maradonna …….? then why do we have Olympics, The Grand Slams , the Grande prix ?

Every parent should watch this movie of Aamir Khan “Taare Zamine Par” the storyline of the movie is very simple yet powerful ,its exactly what the parents are doing to the kids these days. They raise their kids to win the race for tomorrow ,the question is if they only want their kids to win the race then they should be breeding horses not kids.

As a child I remember climbing trees ,compound walls of neighbors, shouting , running ,screaming on the roads,playing in the rain with friends, playing cricket in the streets , bursting crackers , moonlight dinners, cycling with friends. Gosh am so lucky that I lived my childhood carefree and my memory comes back alive when I see Ashu do exactly what I did. :))

The least we can do for the future generation is by not maiming their childhood and teach them to respect our Nation. Jai Hind !!!


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