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Me & Ashu


  11:32:31 am by Rohz, Categories: Twin Thoughts

Today Ashwanthe was very happy.
His first day to School in an Autorickshaw,
he was so thrilled ,got up early,finished his breakfast(though he's never a fussy Kid),
to my disbelief Ashu did'nt want to watch Power Rangers;Promised not to watch it as he would'nt improve on his English.
Me & Ashu were out of the house by 8.00 A.M expecting the rick.
We were waiting for 10 minutes downstairs ,until then ashu and I were singing & dancing for the number "Its the Time to disco" (one of Ashu's Favourite),then we were reading his English book.
Ah, Atlast the rick came ,Ashu was so happy to say "bye" to me.
I Started my day in a very good mood,wish every day be the same :]


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