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Say no to plastic


  03:08:13 pm by Rohz, Categories: Twin Thoughts

Its been almost 2&1/2 years since I blogged.
Was too busy with life,family.......

In this two years I have a new job,new house,have upgraded on my education, and lots & lots of new friends.:D

My purpose of getting back to blogging : Tis the only place you have share your thot process with people around the globe ;probably who knows some aliens from Outerspace might be reading this too...how I wish they would leave a comment on my post :crazy:

Hey!!! What do you do with your old clothes ? Use it as dusters !!
Here’s another way : recycle them into bags .Great Idea eh !!! ( saw an article on Deccan ) Dupattas ,Jeans can now become beautiful shopping bags.


Save the Earth ,this is the only planet we have,look after it!!!


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