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Villu on a saturday afternoon


  02:29:55 pm by Rohz, Categories: Twin Thoughts

Last Saturday my friend and I wanted to meet since Ashu had school I chose to meet her in the morning , we met at her mom’s place as usual we yakked through the morning by afternoon her son started cribbing and so we planned to hit a movie since her son was a major Vijay freak we settled for “ Villu” matinee show.

We landed at the cinema hall at around 2ish to our surprise we got tickets for 2.30 show &#59;)

We took our respective seats, though I hate the star cast I loved the happiness in the little one:|.

The movie started with the old song number of MGR’s as its title song which obviously did not gel next the directors and the hero have tried a something different for the intro song of the ilayathalapathi with not an iota of expression on his dumb face , usually hero’s in tamil movies rescue their sister, wife,friend’s sister from the goons but Villu hero Pugazh ( vijay) comes from no where to rescues a girl of a flower seller ;no there is absolutely no relation with the woman or some flashback with the gangster’s , he fights with them and rescues the girl just to gain entry for the intro song , after the song the secretive vijay speaks with a cop; the director has kept the suspense to the end of the movie; we donot know if vijay and the cop are good or bad ,all our hero has to do is follow the instruction of the cop via chat they have used technology ( déjà vu Assassin).

The song is for Vinayaga chathurthi celebration, all the vinayaka figures are immersed in the sea our ilayathalapathy gets inside one of the figures and uses the hand as oars to sail through the waters (Wow what a master plan this is freaking man!!! ) to get into the docked ship , the cops are attired in orange outfit they are also surrounding the ship which has the villan ,now our super hero takes the villain rather rescues him from the cops ( confusing again I told u earlier on the suspense rite) into a huge container and the container is lifted in air now you wont believe this the container opens and our super hero and villain jumps into the sea in a water scooter OMG . No No, this is not a James Bond movie .Vijay has one gun and there are 10 water scooters with 2 men in each following him and he shoots at them aimlessly. Uffff .

Now our hero’s ladylove Jhanavi (Nayanthara) comes clad in skimpy outfits throughout the movie even for her friends wedding shows her midriff in all the scenes as possible but sadly after she lost weight she has’nt toned down well especially her stomach part it did look yuck instead of looking voluptuous . she does a drunken act in this movie too just like yaradi nee mohini.

The comedian Vadivelu did try to tickle us but his trick did’nt work well , the fight scene with an animated cow was way too childish. The swiss airport authorities mistake him to be an escaped monkey was really atrocious.

As for the music score none of the songs were worth remembering or humming.

Prakash Raj in villain role had no space for performance :lalala: - talent wasted is what I would call. Don’t understand Y an actor like him should accept such roles ? Is it for money or just another obligation from Director/Producer for old times sake. Prakash should be doing more versatile roles as in Abhiyum Nanum,Mozhi, Asai, Vellithirai, Gilli . He should be experimenting with characters than just accepting run of the mill roles.

There was one more freaked out scene where Nayan takes the hero for the usual meet my parents stuff , both the hero and the heroine get frisked before they enter the house then the hero is attached by one of the guards : I know you must be at the edge of your seat thinking our hero has no weapons to fight against the guards but our smart & talented hero pulls his belt and viola it becomes a sword . All vijay’s fans must have been thrilled by his secretive moves .

At last our super hero is good and is taking revenge of all the people who killed his father ( Major Saravanan) that’s the suspense.|-|

We just could not sit till the end of the movie as we could not bare to see another dead faced vijay . so we both somehow convinced the little one and hurried home and sweared never to come for a Vijay movie ever again.

Vijay’s forth coming movies : ambu ,kathi , arreval, kadapey,kuchi,Kambu.



Comment from: Srikanth

Hi Roz,

Describing such film is always a tedious job..you had done it with marvelous comments……tamil films (commercial) not meant for commentary only for watch…but have you seen ‘’POO'’……

04-Feb-09 @ 10:17
Comment from: Naveed  

Hi Rohini:

I saw Villu two times and still planning to see one more time. I like the movie, but your description of that movie is bad. So, I am going to see one more time to refresh it. HA HA HA


10-Feb-09 @ 22:21
Comment from: Keezy

Go and watch again……

22-Feb-09 @ 21:02
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