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Live8 Rocks from today

Blogged on 02-Jul-05 06:19:05 pm in News, DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Link: http://www.live8live.com

The Live 8 anti-poverty concert is taking place in Tokyo, ahead of nine other shows around the world and as I'm writing this, the other bands in the rest of the 8 cities have also started jamming. It's happening in 9 cities across the world and about 150 bands are playing.

America Online is getting ready for its biggest Webcast ever when it streams tomorrow's Live 8 multi-city concert event. The Live 8 event, which seeks to raise awareness about and funds to combat global poverty, comes 20 years after the original Live Aid concert, which raised funds for famine victims in Africa.

AOL will stream the real-time feeds of the Live 8 concerts in Berlin, London, Paris, Philadelphia, Rome, and Toronto. Between the Webcasts, TV broadcasts on major networks, and radio play, it is estimated that the concerts will be available to nearly 5.5 billion people, or 85 percent of the world's population.

In Chennai, I'm getting the concerts Live on VH 1 on TV. :]

I'd have very much liked to watch it over the net, but BSNL have started for extra bandwidth from y'day. What a bummer!>:( So I'm shutting down the Net and heading to the TV set.


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