Sambar Powder

by Rohz  

Here's the receipe for sambar powder which you can store for a couple months,this powder can also be added to sabzi's like lady's finder,potatoes,colacasia for added taste.....

Red chilli round - 500 grams

Dhaniya /Cillantro - 500 grams

Toor dhall - 200 grams

Pepper - 2 spoons

Fenugreek - 2 spoons

Jeera - 2 spoons

Asafoetida  powder - a teaspoon

curry leaves  - few

Turmeric - 4 to 5 pcs

Dry all the contents in sunlight or dry roast all the ingredients seperately or microwave all ingredients except chilli for 2 minutes  and powder. store in air tight containers. I just made a batch this morning.

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