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Raja [Visitor]

Don, Remember me… Raja we worked together in Mayajaal, friend of Anand and team. How are you?
I couldnt see Sridevi face…Can you please help me?

Keep in touch …please.
send me your contact number ..i will call you…

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In response to: A miraculous escape....

v.raju [Visitor]

you must hsve msnsgrd due to potluck.

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In response to: Dumb Charades

jack [Visitor]

i got out in ‘05. assuming you are an ex.
and macha, that is one funny cartoon.

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In response to: Trivial Pursuit Part 5

kiran [Visitor]

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The Mocking Spirit

In response to: Trivial Pursuit Part 5

The Mocking Spirit [Visitor]

Fuck! I love your blog. Its hilarious! Good job!

Thanks for the drop by :)

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In response to: Sreesanth and the Right Sport

Mukund [Visitor]

Well done, Don.

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In response to: Trivial Pursuit - Part 5

Jay [Visitor]

lol ..i just had food today in Saravana Bhavan .. itz good. and i am back to blogging and i started wth writing about chennai. :)

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In response to: Pardon the Language. Get the Message

pravin [Visitor]

Nicely said :D

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In response to: Sivaji and Sunita

Narayanan [Visitor]

Who knows…might happen!!
So, how was the movie?

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In response to: Shilpa Shetty for President

Shain [Visitor]

Lol Don!! She has my vote!! Anytime more presentable than Kalam and both the Shekhawats. Plus she wd make the Rashtrapati Bhavan look hot!! :-D

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In response to: MCC portal, blogs and a hectic week

Arindam [Visitor]

Hey Don!
Came back here after ages… have been dormant for a while on the blogging scene… love the pic!

What’s the url for the mcc portal??



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In response to: MCC portal, blogs and a hectic week

Liz [Visitor]

Reached your blog via your orkut profile via one of the MCC communities. I’d seen the MCC portal and thought it looked nice. Had wondered who had done it as there’s a lovely tradition and history feel to the home page and yet it looks cool. When I read this post,just wanted to drop a line telling you that.

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In response to: My Best Friend

Jay [Visitor]

thats sweet don.. and wtf is tht comment.

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In response to: Password Please

Jo [Visitor]

Don man, rocking new pic in the header. :-) Where and when was it?

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In response to: Guess what this is?

Ish [Visitor]

Wow awesome! I really appreciate my pen drive now,uhh I need to find it first..prolly threw it somewhere :P

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In response to: Guess what this is?

yogustus [Visitor]

by the way, came here from the blog of bala…like ur comment to him about the icici episode. i totally agree. u create ur own respect.

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In response to: A tale of two sciences - Vasthu and the Web

madhumitha [Visitor]

thanks Raves
i gave this link url in my tamil blog

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In response to: Win XP and Thol Thiruma - a Case Study

Narayanan [Visitor]

Very funny da !

And his party will be the No.1 Customer for Photoshop and other products that help this to happen.

Reason - Happens so often.!

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In response to: Sobreity Test

jay [Visitor]

I am drunk.

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In response to: Some Good Vid..

jay [Visitor]

Welcome .. hmm u do read my blogg th ere is come problem with this comment box .. the back space buttons dont work properly.. .. umm yeah its very messy.

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In response to: College Days Kadalai..!!

Slim [Visitor]

Ippadi thaan kadalai podanuma? Appo naan ithani naala thappa kadalai potukittu irundhena?! :(. Thats sad :(

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Manu Joseph

In response to: Swarm

Manu Joseph [Visitor]

I am a journalist with The Times of India. I am trying to reach you for a story I am working on seti@home. Kindly revert as soon as you can. Regards

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In response to: Expression of ignorance and idiocity

jayant [Visitor]

Halloo remember me,

I am Jay …. hmmm , urhmmmmmm

Ok So my blogger is bak to .. and ahem … someegged me on to join it….

and lol just coz i am not as attractive as Suga he doesnt visit mine… hmmmmm.

Some bias there…. and yeah just coz u owe me a t-shirt and a tie and i at times remind u about it ,…. IDon is
pissed he he.. Thats ok typical … behaviour.. hmmmmm.

between howz ashwanthe ….. damn blogger ban wd have removed my chances to get bak to him.

somethng is wrong wth the page i have difficulty in typing IF u CARE.

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In response to: Expression of ignorance and idiocity

Slim [Visitor]

Hahah, the ban has been lifted. Score 1 for the bloggers.

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In response to: Expression of ignorance and idiocity

Slim [Visitor]

What’s actually funny is that you can still create posts with blogger, just can’t view the * pages. And there are numerous ways one could still view those pages, like using a proxy for example. So the ban is actually useless since it doesn’t stop the viewing or posting. Seriously, the government is full of crap.

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In response to: Expression of ignorance and idiocity

vj [Visitor]

just 48 hours to go .before we’re freee agian atnd the ban would ne lifted off

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In response to: MCC - Class of 81 Silver ReUnion

jayant [Visitor]

hmmmmmmmm not posting any thng fr u .. i ahate u.

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In response to: Thought for the Day

Jo [Visitor]


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In response to: MCC - Class of 81 Silver ReUnion

Slim [Visitor]

Hey man, I’ve posted this in my blog. Go check it out :D.

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In response to: Symbol of Love

Slim [Visitor]

LMAO, good one.

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In response to: Symbol of Love

ish [Visitor]

I dont really know if you know me don but I’m the “Dead” guy from FlatLick.

And Lol that joke was funny and so was that stress buster game..I

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In response to: Symbol of Love

BlueByrd [Visitor]

Please visit my Reality Blog To watch The Horrors being staged by the New World Order on human society ! This is to wake up the sleepy heads that have been blinded by chronic mind control by the NWO thru the Illuminati-controlled media under the directives of the very same secret societies that want to gain control of the world ! Post ur valuable comments Lets fight Evil by Knowledge and Understanding !!! I’ll See u all on the other side. Thanks for your time :)

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In response to: Net4Domains - why so technically incompetent ?

rohz [Member]

Guddu, Yeah, I dont like them, cos they are shit. The file types is just a miniscule example. I stayed with them for 5 years befor I quit, cos I cudn’t handle the incompetency anymore. Hey, if they were so right abt the file types and security, why did they withdraw the ban after everyone shouted foul ?

You are lucky…stay with them. Let us folks who are looking for quality move elsewhere.

btw, where did you get the information that they are on top of the Indian circuit? They can claim anything they want, its the customer speak which matters. Why dont you ask them for their customer retention data? You may be shocked..

Whatever, its your trip and decision.. I’ve made mine, shifted to GoDaddy and ModHost and guddu after experience that quality of service, I wont even shit on Net4 doorsteps again.

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In response to: Net4Domains - why so technically incompetent ?

guddu [Visitor]

That is probably a web community recommendation, I thought! and it was! -:)
I am also wondering why you would need such file types serviced by a web host as a MIME type !

For whatever cause :-
There’s one reason I can’t believe what you say. The Web Hosting company on top of India for the last 5 years growing exponentially !
I remain a customer for most of their services for the past 3 years, absolute comfort to say.
Simply said! You’re murmering, munching with no point dear.

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In response to: Symbol of Love

jayant [Visitor]

don and rohzz talkin :D

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In response to: Symbol of Love

Narayanan [Visitor]

LOL:-) Very funny Maachi.!!

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In response to: The Black Buck beats Salman's Black Bucks

donblog [Member]

Jo, somehow I think he lacks those body parts you mention in your post :-)

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In response to: The Black Buck beats Salman's Black Bucks

Jo [Visitor]

I agree that he should be sent to the African forests, but am afraid he can’t tell the animals out there that “I got balls to bust you guys out” coz they might bite off his balls right there! :-))))

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In response to: Indian States and TN Districts CSV Files

Sudhamshu [Visitor]

How about a List of Cities/Pincodes in India? I got hold of some from WikiPedia, but not all.

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In response to: Google continues to rock

Jo [Visitor]

6 months? WTF??!

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M. Rajesh

In response to: Dress Code in Colleges

M. Rajesh [Visitor]

Respected sir,
I am Rajesh from Kumbakonam. I need Madras University affliated colleges name lists.

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In response to: Simple and brilliant ad

jayant [Visitor]


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In response to: A Research on Blog Visitors

Virdi [Visitor]

hehehehe… is it same for men and women?? Is it true even if I read news on the web with their hand on the mouse or just read Blog posts with their hand on the mouse.

BTW which idiot did the research?? and you said it was Argentina??? South America?? Carambaaaaaa…. Low sexual activity there??? Didnt know… ;-)


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In response to: Simple and brilliant ad

Arindam [Visitor]


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In response to: Simple and brilliant ad

Jo [Visitor]

Hahaha… Hilarious!!!

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In response to: A Research on Blog Visitors

Jo [Visitor]

Must be true! :-))

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In response to: Another butt in the tray

Satheesh [Visitor]

Great effort Don..!!

I wrote a poem on Cancer patients..
titled ” Cell azhindhavan…”

Please find it at

Please let me know what all I can do to be part of your effort..!


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In response to: CCC Initiative Blog Contest Results Announced

arvindh [Visitor]

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi when I found out that you are from MCC too!
Congratulation to the winners.

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In response to: A new site - Vindhya Mills

Jo [Visitor]


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In response to: SHAREWARE

jayant [Visitor]

i m goona get a wife i have too many thngs to share.

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