eShakti makes distinctive designer clothes for women

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eShakti makes distinctive designer clothes for women. Offers custom-size as well as standard-size. And our custom-styling option makes it truly unique - you can make a top/bottom shorter or longer, change the sleeve length or the neckline, the way you want it. We are based in Seattle, USA and Chennai, India. AND GOD CREATED WOMAN beautiful in every shape and size. We create clothes to match. In every design: your style, your size, your shape. Your choice. Size 0-26W and Custom


Greig lifts Vishy - Memories of another day

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Tony Greig cradling  G R Viswanath


Some photos remain etched in memory and this is one of them... I was in 7th Std, when this picture appeared in all newspapers, magazines of those days...

Tony Greig cradling G R Viswanath 

it was during the match vs England, 1972-73 Bombay.... Vishy's century came in the first inning itself, against the likes of Geoff Arnold. Chris Old, Derek Underwood, Tony Greig and Pat Pocock. With it, Viswanath became the first Indian to score another hundred after making a century on debut. Tony Greig had become a Viswanath fan through the inning, and when Vishy got to his hundred, he lifted the little man and rocked him like a baby. :D

the non-striker is Abid Ali, another swashbuckler of those days...

When Greieg scored his hundred, Ajit Wadekar and Vishy tried to lift him, but just couldn't  :>>



Frank Zappa with Special guest L. Shankar on Violin.

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Just installed the Beta version of Internet Explorer 9.

Sleeker, faster and more features.

Maos Chaos and the PC

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The Hon'ble Home Minister minces no words... yeah he has been consistent in his statements after every Mao rampage and has changed no words...

how does he do it?

Excellent memory ?
Or practice reading from standard-response notes ?

Get some spine, willya?

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