An Overview

Quintessentially a Creative individual, who derives major euphoria from the birthing of new ideas, with keen aptitude for learning and experimentation.

With over 30 years experience in Sales & Marketing, I have launched, ideated and sold renowned products such as Wrangler, Stencil, Kama Sutra, Lemac apart from a variety of international IT products. I've merited several achievements and awards in my career.

Currently I'm associated with Concept 4E - a company that's creating waves in Ecology and Environmental upkeep - for marketing of patented LED Lighting illumination technology.

In a scenario where Global Warming, Ozone Layer Depletion and Natural Resource drain have become day to day issues, C4E will provide Services, Solutions and Products to alleviate these issues to move towards a Greener Planet. C4E recognizes that preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues facing humanity. The entire organization will devote the utmost effort to minimizing our environmental footprint.

C4E will address sustainability actions such as Renewable and Clean energy, clean / green products & services, green buildings, conservation, certifications, green economy and careers, NGO networking and events.

Subsequent to the IT Boom, I added over 10 years on-hands experience in the areas of Visual Design, Web Design and Deployment. I own another company - Quicksilver VoHo as the Chief WebMason. My work profile includes

  • marketing, conceptualization, development & delivery of creative content for the varied fields of Information, Communication and Entertainment through the mediums of Multimedia & Web
  • designing and creating Themed Merchandise for corporate and institutions
  • providing Marketing and Sales Consultancy for selective business affiliates
  • dabbling a bit in Event Management

I enjoy the rapport of the Top Management of several Corporate and have cultivated excellent business contacts in India and abroad.  My strengths include leadership, team management, excellent communication skills, creative outlook and total dedication to my work. I am quite techno savvy and very alive to the happenings on the Web.

Updated : Jun 2016
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