WebMason Skills
  • Design
  • Adobe Photoshop CS - I use this extensively for creation of webpage layouts, image manipulation and optmisation. Also for Printmedia Design.

    Macromedia Dreamweaver - One of the best web design tools available, I use this extensively to create dynamic pages and other website related applications. I'm also beta-testing Adobe Dreamweaver to get acclimatized to the newer features and technologies included in it.

    CSS and XHTML - With more and more browsers adhering to common standards, I've since 1 year started designing sites using CSS extensively for layout and styles. I use CSS effectively to create Scalable sites adhering to XHTML standards.

  • Content Creation
  • Ever since my school days, writing has been a passion. Apart from the technology aspects of creating effective portals, I also involve myself in creating the static content for most of my clients. This way, I get to directly integrate Keywords and Search-related terms directly into the content to effectively harness SEO techniques.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • A website combined with well-wriiten Content and effective usage of meta-tags is well-sought after by all Search Engines. Creating SEO websites has been my forte. I also use reciprocal links, web beacons and site-stats to ensure that the portals I build reach the 1st pages of Search Engines.
    I'm also comfortable with Google AdSense, AdWords, Link Synergy technologies.

  • Scripts, Applications and Databases
  • php/MySQL - Ever since the emergence of php as a widely-used scripting tool, I've started creating Dynamic webistes using this combination.Im quite comfortable with php 5 and the latest MySQL database technology.

    CMS - I create portals using proprietary CMS, customised to suit the theme and content of the client

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